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mobile movie making workshop,
Instagram Reels Content Creation Training 

& video confidence mentoring

we help businesses and individuals to improve their skills in video production with our

training, mentoring and workshops.  

For more than nine years we have been delivering a range of video and media workshops to a wide variety of organisations, such as Mid Ulster Council, Google Cloud, Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council and many more. You can find out what our customers think here!

We offer ​training, mentoring and workshops in the following areas: 

  • Mobile Movie Making™

  • Instagram Reels/TikTok Content Creation Training

  • Video Camera Confidence & Personal Branding

With over 500 videos created for businesses throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, we know a thing or two about videos that work! 

Mobile Movie
Making workshop


This workshop explores movie making and learning how to apply professional film making skills to your own business marketing by using
only your own smart phone. The workshop covers useful tips and practical filming techniques.

Instagram Reels & TikTok
Content creation


If you would like to create engaging, short, snappy videos for your Instagram or TikTok accounts, look no further! 

Our training, on a 1 to 1 session, will ensure you walk away with at least four Reels/TikTok's to use for your social media content. To see some examples of what we have created, visit our Instagram page here

Video Confidence & Personal Branding


Video confidence and personal branding are areas in which we get asked about a lot; how can I become more confident in front of the camera? How do I achieve a recognisable personal brand? If you have asked yourself these questions, we are here to help you!  

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