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hire our recording booth, studio or both. 

find out more information on our mojo kits.

perfect for those involved in; video production, digital marketing and media training.



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The recording booth features sound-proofing foam to ensure you have crisp, clear audio at high quality with the use of our RØDE microphones. 

If you require only the use of the recording booth, we can facilitate this; as you are not required to hire out both the studio and booth at the same time. 

Video / Photography



If you want to improve  your video/movie making skills, if you want to learn video editing software, or maybe you want to learn how to use video production equipment?


Booking of the studio includes equipment hire, such as; tripods, camera mounts/smartphone rig, LED lights and more.



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Our MOJO kit is a staple of our Mobile Movie Making workshops. This kit has everything you need to begin your mobile movie making journey. Equipment such as a smartphone rig, monopod and more.

For a full breakdown of the MOJO kit or to buy your own kit, press the 'Enquire Here' button below. 

Pricing and packages

Our filming projects are all unique and custom to what you want - this is why our pricing can vary from project to project. 

At the moment, we are working on developing the packages we can offer our clients, as we want you to get the most value out of your investment. 

Our video projects pricing depends on what type of project you want, what special features you want included, how long your video is, how many videos you want...and more.

Get in touch today to get your personalised quotation.

Our workshops pricing varies from session to session - these again are tailored to your needs. We offer the Mobile Movie Making and Video Confidence workshop as our staple workshop sessions, but we can offer training/workshops in video production, media, digital marketing and personal confidence. We also offer mentoring on a 1 to 1 basis, get in touch today for your accurate quotation. 

Hiring our studio or recording booth (or both), is set at £40 + VAT per hour. We can also lease equipment during your booked session - please contact us for a full list of available equipment and the additional charges for this. 

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