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There are two forms of mentoring we provide, which are;  online mentoring and face-to-face mentoring. For the full list of workshops and mentoring we provide, please visit here


Please ensure you specify which mentoring you are interested in when booking. 


Online mentoring will take place via Zoom (although if you have another alternative, please let us know and we can accommodate you!). Face-to-face* mentoring can be held in our office, your office/workspace or somewhere in between!

We will take a 10% booking fee as a deposit for your session; please ensure you give us 72 hours notice before your session if you wish to reschedule or cancel. 

*Provided government regulations allow us to do so at the time of booking. We are based in Northern Ireland and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our government may regulate laws that inhibit us from providing in-person/face-to-face mentoring. Please ensure you have a look at the regulations before you make your booking.